Forum Thread: I can't upload my photo to the corkboard!

I get this error message :" Sorry we had trouble talking to the server, and unexpected AJAX Exception"

Does anybody know what this is? And how do I fix it so it will allow me to upload my Fireworks Challenge Photo??/ Thanks so much.


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Typically this is a cookies issue (sometimes due to overly strict security settings in IE). Try installing the latest version of chrome or firefox. If you're still having issues, post here again. :)

Thank you Rachel but it did the same thing in Google Chrome as well. This time it didn't say AJAX. It's a nice photo too! :(

Rachel I tried in Firefox but my 2011 photo took too long to upload so all I could do was post one that I took in 2007. All I can do is share it! Thanks for all your help. Tricky...these browsers!

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