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We know that in this present era cellular phones technology advancement, the so-called 'Smartphone', has rapidly developed. One of the innovations is the camera features. This device is not only used to take self-photos, but also for photography. Some take it as a hobby; others often bring it in pocket and explore it into photography work.

As smartphone photography raises, the more additional accessories there are, just like the real photography; for instance macro lens, fish-eye lens, wide lens, Tele lens and Tripod.

Amazing and attractive photo works in social media has inspired me. It is High Speed Photography. Some of you are possibly familiar with HSP photo and I started thinking to make one using camera cell phone / smart phone. One of the inspiring examples is that I found at social media using (d)slr camera. It is a water-balloon being burst. I used Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone with android camera application, Fast Burst Camera, which function is taking 5-30 pictures per second fast. I was not alone, companied by a fellow photographer from Jepara, Central Java- Indonesia, Justin Turnip, to hold the balloon and burst it.

Here it is:

Anyone can try with any smart phones you have and it is better to take photos at noon since there is sufficient light for great result. Have a nice work, KILK!

official source:

High Speed Photography With Smartphone | Marken Nainggolan

High Speed Photography With Smartphone | Marken Nainggolan

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