Forum Thread: How to Pay Per Head in Your Business

Three Advantages of Pay Per Head in Your Business

Pay per head is a very good known service that many people inside the sports betting industry already know and maybe they are using it and enjoying it while you are trying to get convinced about it.

Why do you need to use pay per head?

It is easy. We can imagine the pay per head as the perfect gift that somebody can gives you; a complete business well-off and with the best positions inside the industry, ready to receive your customers under your supervision.

You can make use of the almost any department that the sportsbook has, but the only difference is that you need to pay them a weekly fee.

Inside the Pay per Head providers you can find many undesirable businesses that the only thing they want is to steal your customers and money. The reliable level of a provider will depend of many points as the amount of years inside the industry, the security on payment methods, the guarantee that the provider can give you and so on.

If you hire a reliable pay per head service, you would enjoy of one of the best pleasures of live: Having time to do whatever you want without any stress.

I know very well the service and I can tell you that it has many benefits; however, some people ask me to mention the three advantages that I consider more important. What a hard task for me! But ok, I will mention just three:

Customer play slot machines service: This is without any doubt one of the most important things not only inside this industry, even in the entire world this is something very important because through the customer service we deduce how the entire business is. I mean, if I call to the customer service of a company and a impolite guy answer me, I will have no desire to go to the company or to hire any product or service, right?With pay per head, the service that you will have is of the most quality that you can find inside the market with more than 50 trained clerks ready to attend any of your calls.

Payment methods: It is annoying for me to go somewhere that when I want to pay... Hell! They cannot receive my money because they don't have the same system!! Ok, with pay per head this would never happen because they are trying to cover every payment method or system in the entire world.

Agent Services: This is especially for agents because they deserve the best! The software that they will have, the attention, the way in which they can receive the information is something that they would never want to change.

As I said before, there are many advantages, but somebody ask me just for three. I hope that all the agents around get convinced with the service and if you are a player... you should suggest to your agent the pay per head service.

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