How To: Tiger Moth Butterfly???

Tiger Moth Butterfly???

An amazing experience afterall.

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After an hour long tedious following, this perfect perch picture could be captured. I dont know whether it is a moth or butterfly. But anyway here it is.

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Anyone know the species name? It was found in Dehradun, India.

I am no expert and looking at that its hard to say. Wing form looks moth to me. However the colors look butterfly. Hard to call it considering India has over 10,000 different moth types.

I feel more inclined to call it a moth now.

After a Google session I feel more inclined to call it a moth now. It is quite remarkable the amount of moths and color types in India.

Sorry could not be of more assistance. Have you looked locally for a copy of this BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS OF PAKKE TIGER RESERVE

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