Cloud Photography Challenge: Sunset at Haleakala (Maui)

Sunset at Haleakala (Maui)

Cloud Photography Challenge: Sunset at Haleakala (Maui)

Small version of a 80 megapixel stitched panorama.  Near sunset (the sun is above the clouds illuminating them) at the 10,000 foot elevation summit of Haleakala.  If you think this is a pretty should spend a few minutes and watch the 1080P partial time lapse video I took here of the sunset.

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Wow, this is pretty incredible. Amazing vantage point and nice stitching. Great shot!

Thanks. Yours is awesome too. I've been meaning to take my tripod out and play with lightening shots... I'll be hoping for a storm!

You definitely should do it! It can be very dangerous but rewarding. I try to post data for each of my shots if you want to check out more.

Nice work. Hope to try it soon.

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