GIVEAWAY: Sugru, the Magical Goo for Hacking Things Better [Closed/Winner Announced]

Sugru, the Magical Goo for Hacking Things Better [Closed/Winner Announced]

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Congrats to April Miller, winner of last week's Giveaway. This week's Giveaway presents another innovative material and begs the same question—What would YOU use it for? Without further adieu, this week's prize, the amazing Sugru:


Sugru is a hybrid Play-Doh/Blu-Tack/Super "Glue" miracle material developed by Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, a UK-based product designer who hails from Ireland. As displayed in the video above, the patented silicone substance allows users to "hack things better". For the crafty minded, Sugru is incredibly useful. Here's a run-through of its properties:

  • GIVEAWAY: Sugru, the Magical Goo for Hacking Things Better [Closed/Winner Announced]Cures at room temperature—users have 30 minutes working time, after which the silicone will harden over the next 24 hours.
  • Flexible—When cured, Sugru is actually flexible, rather than rigid. This means you can repair things that require movement, such as textiles, cables or even shoes.
  • Self-adhesive–Sugru will stick to many materials: aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass and plastics.
  • Waterproof—completely water resistant and durable in the outdoors; clean with soap and water. Dishwasher safe.
  • Temperature resistant—Sugru is safe from the elements (within a range of -60 °C to 180 °C). It won't get softer or harder or melt.


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2. Leave ONE comment below describing what you would make with the material.

This week we have two Smart Hacks Super Packs to give away. This means we will select two winners with the most creative ideas for application. If you're stumped, checked out the Sugru gallery; there are endless uses, and surely many more!

All entries must be in by Monday, June 6th, 11:59pm PST. Standard rules apply.

GIVEAWAY: Sugru, the Magical Goo for Hacking Things Better [Closed/Winner Announced]


WINNERS: Congrats to David Hennigan & Matthew Jennings!

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Use them to make beads for kids & grownups alike. Make a hole in each end with a straw or kebob stick, make then in any shapes or imprint them with any objects.

The 1st thing I would do is fix some things like the cord for my IPod so it wouldn't come apart the next thing I would would be make a solid nose piece for my sunglasses so that when I would put them on top of my head I wouldn't have to fight with my hair to get them out & back on my face then I wouldn't have to leave them on inside

I would make a grip/cozy for drinks. Dishwasher safe means not having to throw it in the laundry or wash by hand. I would also fix my favorite flip flops which broke last week.

I play a lot of frisbee - I would like to line the outside of the frisbee with Sugru to prevent the hard, hand jarring, finger crushing miss-catches.

I would make a fitting finger glove open on the back of the hand except for a small string. To make it flexible, but not too sweaty. And maybe a loop on the string to hang it.. For kitchen uses, and more.
..oeh! It would be washable too =D

i would make some comfy head-phones, im tired of ones that don't fit.

I would use it to, 1, make a case for my phone to protect it from all the times i drop it lol, 2, make a pad to level out a wobbly chair every time i encounter one, 3, make form fitted lid for pop cans, 4, use it to bundle up lose wires in my electrical projects (and the ones around the hose to keep them organized),and 5, the rest would go into storage because theres no doubt this would help in a disaster situation. (i'd probably use the colors to color coat the #$%@ out of all my stuff too)

I would use it to make ergonomic grips that fit my hand for my DIY hand tools like pliers chisels etc. I would also make a pair of rubber tipped pliers that didn't mar my workpieces and I've thought of thoughts of other things that I thought"ooh i could really use some sugru to fix that" but I can't think of them now.
I would make some better fitting headphones... all sorts of things :)

I would make a pokemon sculpture and "hack" my computer to the monitor or I would make my handheld game systems have handles to my hands don't hurt after playing for twenty minutes.

My young students have a lot of trouble gripping pencils comfortably and correctly while they are learning to write for the first time. With Sugru I can make truly custom pencil grips to make writing easier. No more plastic grips that are never the right size for their tiny hands! My students will love the bright color options too.

oh the possibilities....they're endless! I would make sculptures and decorations for one. Like using it to create body parts like hands and feet or even heads and bodies! The whole shebang.I would make jewelery pieces too, the pendant for example. I'd also use it for bottle stoppers and fixing the various things I've broken like my laptop corner and my iPod cord or even my iPod case. They're really so many things this could be used for, I could go on for hours. or perhaps pages in this case...

This stuff is cool.
New grips for joysticks, Pens, Xacto knifes, Spay paint, bikes. Dance dance robot costume.
I would make custom airsoft accesories too. Maybe a cheek rest or a bayonet.

I would use it to begin the long process of repairing and child-proofing all the things my children touch. Then I would promptly run out before I was halfway through and be so extremely addicted to the stuff I would place an order for more within minutes.

I would use it to make my own custom mint / fondant molds.

I would use it to make cute little animals fork handles for my cousins. These little girls are so speedy and thought they love tigers, crocodiles, and horses, they never want to eat at the table. These two little monsters will love their new cutlery handles! And her mom will love the fact that it can go in the dishwasher.

I would make a sex toy for me.

In addition to my list of non-original uses I have planned for this Sugru…

Bike seat fix, Custom Ear buds, Laptop feet, Camera body mods, Cable repairs, Adjust shoe fitting / comfort, Camera Remote mod, Add handle to my mixing bowl, Waterproofing (shoes, camera bag, etc.), Cable ties / management, Dumbbell grips, and various Tool handles/tips/pads/feet

I also have a number of original projects planned for this stuff!
- Workout machine weight plate separators (noise dampening)
- Guitar pick mods
- Custom Rubber stamps
- Molded joystick mod to place over arrow-keys
- Custom light switch designs (just for fun)
- Wowee One Speaker stabilizer/grip
- Keyboard wrist rests
- Fitted Drain Plug
- Stick rugs down (prevent slipping)

And my #1 Original Idea I simply cannot wait to try out: Magnets!
I can think of DOZENS of ways to incorporate magnets into various designs with this material, far too many to list - but just think about it! I'll now have the ability to add rubber-coated neodymium magnets to any object I own! Instead of just relying on the traction provided by a textured Sugru-clad surface alone, what if you inlaid magnets underneath the material so that the object in question would not only grip the surface it was sitting on / hanging from / attached to, but actually hold itself to it (assuming a metallic surface) without any risk of scratching either surface! I've always loved magnets, but there are three problems: attaching them, protecting them, and protecting the surface with which they come into contact. Sugru solves all three! My favorite coffee mug will never slide off my metal desk again – even if my dog tries to bump it off! I won't be losing those spare keys because I can attach a few magnets to a wall or cabinet and they'll be there when I need them. Not to mention hidden safes / home defense items / or other secretive objects that could be easily and accessibly mounted in numerous discrete places otherwise inaccessible. The potential is endless!

New handles on my swiss knife. How fitting for fix all and hack all...

Hmm, what would I do with it?

What wouldn't I do with it!?!?!

New film grip for my canon 5D.

Make a new spike on my football cleats that are missing ;[

i would mould skulls into the dash of my car XD

1. Repair eyeglass ear piece that the puppy chewed up last year
2. Make new dots for the four corners of the bottom of laptop
3. Snugly fit the shoe on my tripod so video cam doesn't shake while recording
4. Fix light holder on bike
5. Create world peace

i used it on a wig head to make mask molds with it

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