GIVEAWAY: What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

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This week is a pure Giveaway, with two simple requirements. But, first, the prize.


From Inventables, a hardware store for superheroes and hackers, the Powerless Illuminating Tubing Kit.

GIVEAWAY: What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

This innovative material consists of a glow-in-the-dark substance housed inside solid tubing. It's flexible, UV-resistant, and can be easily cut into different sized pieces. With only 5 minutes of direct sunlight, the tubing can glow for anywhere from 8 to 20 hours! The kit comes in 3 different colors (arctic blue, spring green & lime), each piece 3-feet-long.


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2. Leave a comment describing what you would make with the material.

Stumped for ideas? Below, three example applications listed by Inventables to get your brain working.

  • Athletic shoes for safe night jogging (and a sweet Tron look):

GIVEAWAY: What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

  • Attached to collars and leashes for safer night walks:

GIVEAWAY: What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

  • Building safety—see how it illuminates outdoor walkways near hazardous areas:

GIVEAWAY: What Would You Do with Luminescent Solar-Powered Tubing? [Closed/Winner Announced]

The possibilities are endless! Share your idea for a glow-in-the-dark tubing DIY project below. The best comment will receive a free kit in the mail!

All entries must be in by Monday, May 30th, 11:59pm PST. Standard rules apply.

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I would put this in my goldfish pond in my garden! It would look awsome!

I would "decorate" my garage door with it. It would be one of a kind then here.

Or I would make a TRON suit with it.

It would not work very well for a tron suit since the stuff is solar powered, not electric. You would have to leave the suit out in the sun all day for it work. Electroluminescent wire works better for that sort of thing because it can run on a small portable battery.

I would use it to trick out my car interior. Or even use it to make my sons stroller even safer.

I would outline my guitar and my friends guitar and bass so when we play on stage and they cut the lights peoples minds implode!

I would line luminescent tubings on concrete barriers and other street signs in replacement of electrical lightings to save energy and lessen night-time vehicular accidents..

I would decorate the planters in my garden so I could see them at night.

I would use the tubing to make hula hoops. Hooping has a huge following these days and I love it!

i would deck out my 01 corvette for car shows. where can i buy this at?

You can buy it over at Inventables-

I'd line my drive-way to make it easy to see at night. I could also see this being a popular decoration material at night clubs, if they could figure out how to get it the 5 min of sunlight it needs each day...

I would first use the wire to spell out "Tiffany, Will you marry me" in a local park and then take my girlfriend on a walk to purpose to her. I would then use the wire to make stop motion lighting movies.

I would use the tubing to make the street numbers on the streets stand out so pizza delivery and UPS could find homes at night.

Me? I'm not much for street art, but I'd staple these tubes to some local, annoying ad billboards so it would look normal in the daylight, but would display my own message at night. Each morning I would try to move the tubes to another billboard with a different message, in hopes of keeping costs down. If the cleanup crew were to take it down before I rescued my tubes, that would be the end of my graffiti days.

How about attaching them to the front and back of bikes or bike helmets to keep bike riders safe at night.

I would use it as a night light. For midnight excursions around my house. :)

Personally, I would like to use this substance to make a luminescence bike, this bike would be mainly for child safety with the addition of reflectors so who ever is riding can keep going even when the glows gone. in my area theirs lots of young ones around riding in the early dark, it would be nice to help them and spread some of this stuff around to help the community. Also this would be a nice addition to anyone's helmet when night riding!

I would use this as an emergency light or just as a reading light. I would use the left over to add details to the suit of Halo armour I've been working on.

This substance is incredible! I would use that to illuminate barracks while camping, to iluminate my bagpack or my locker from inside (it would make it A LOT easyer to find my clothes in my locker and any other thing in my bagpack) or just to make an affordable eco-friendly iluminated kindle cover!

Wow, this would be amazing for timelapse photography. Imagine an image composed of multiple exposures... the lighting from this would add an eerie lighted texture to the imagery without blowing out the lighting (overpowering the long shutter time). This basically will be amazing for any creative outlet, but I can see photography really taking off. I'd start with a timelapse of my girlfriend doing a ballerina routine, while wearing "bracelets" of this material. The moves and dance would look tremendous as the rings are captured in motion.

I would hook it up to my sterio. Make the light flash to beat of the bass. ofcourse it would charge by day and flash by night.

I'm the director of a big, campy sci-fi theatre troupe, and these would help us make some memorable sexy alien bikinis.

I just got my new Longboard! And I Love it!
So If I won I would use it to make some sweet patterns on the board! :D
and maybe put some on my guitar! It would be awesome to the beach parties at night!
I would put it on my "supreme" headphones to make them look awesome, and to look Awesome at night :D
or I would put some on my skateboard/bicycle helmet, That would be epic! :D (and make me feel a bit more safe and cool)
as you said, the possibilities are endless!

put around my furniture so i dont bump into it at night

build a giant night time sculpture and then post on wonder how to and make an instructable

Use it to outline speed bumps, slow children at play signs, and
Curbs to help park cars

I would put it around my keyboard so that i can finally stop pressing the wrong keys at night.

i wanna make stunning light club juggling

i'd make a ballroom gown.

I would use my solar powered tubing to communicate with E.T., pilots, or even god.

Make a unique DNA model. Also, a intricate chandelier.

Homeowners could add a bright pop of color with light-up patio furniture.

I would make a glowing sign telling planes to fly over someone elses house.

I would like to put it around the bicycle wheel. When the dark is coming, just imagine the picture of the Tubing kit formed.

I would attach this stuff to the railings of my front porch so someone could see the entrance to my house at night. Safety first, right?

I would attach it to a badminton ball and the net, so I could play in the dark.

I would use it as a nightlight for children, allowing the child to make a picture or message of their choice and then seeing that picture at night which might ease them to sleep

I am a skydiver and I would line a jumpsuit with this stuff and do a wicked cool night jump with a whole bunch of my buddies! That would looks so cool in freefall! :-D

We are a family of 6. We live on a small farm where we have chickens for eggs, a goat for milk, and turkeys for food. We don't have a lot of money because the income is earned by only my husband at his job and we do not have a lot of land and can't make an income that way. I would give this to my children to make a magical forest in the caragana bushes. They work hard with school and farm chores. They deserve a special place to just simply be a kid.

I'd use it in combo with some nice stained glass for a night light in the upstairs bathroom.

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