News: Goodbye Giveaway Tuesdays!

Goodbye Giveaway Tuesdays!

First, we'd like to congratulate Marek Antozi, the winner of our very last Giveaway Tuesdays! Photo Challenge. Thankful for Dialogue is a concept most family members can relate to—the occasional stressful Thanksgiving bickering and inevitable resolution is not uncommon, after all. ;)

Check out the rest of the entries here.

Goodbye Giveaway Tuesdays!

Back to our goodbye... Yep, you read right. Last week was the final week of Giveaway Tuesdays. This World has officially come to an end.

BUT, before you get too rattled, there's good news, too. We're excited to introduce Elaine Chang, admin of WonderHowTo's newest world, Phone Snap!

Goodbye Giveaway Tuesdays!

Phone Snap begins this week, and its mission is very similar to Giveaway Tuesdays. We want to see your best shot, but every challenge, DIY project and inspiration round-up will focus on cell phone photography only. As long as your cell phone has a camera, any model will suffice!

Head on over to Phone Snap now to check out the first challenge and meet our new community leader, Elaine. Elaine is a photographer who shoots in both digital and film, with her trusty Canon T2i and ELAN 7 SLRs, as well as, of course, her Android phone. Introduce yourself in the forum and stay tuned for upcoming DIY projects, app reviews and challenges, all related to both Android and iPhone photography.

Check out Phone Snap's very first challenge now!

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Why is Giveaway Tuesdays ending??

The only real change is that the WHT weekly photo challenge will be cell phone photography only. You can still look forward to cool contests and prizes. I decided to ask Elaine to start up Phone Snap in its place because she has more knowledge and experience with photography than I do. She will be creating some cool original How-To's, which will be an added bonus. Are you planning on participating in Phone Snap?

Of course I am! But couldn't you just switch the admin? I liked using my canon to take pre-determined pictures.... I hope its the same!

unfortunately we won't be appointing a new admin. :( But we welcome you to start a photography-related world if you have the drive and the interest! Phone Snap will be cell phone photography only.

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