Horror Photography Challenge: The Stare

The Stare


Creepy. What's real and what's shopped?

Just about everything, lol. The photo is real, it is of my face. For the cracking parts of my face I used a photo of peeling paint. I masked it in where I thought it worked best. My eye color is brown so I made it black & white and dodged in the highlights of the pupil. I bumped up the hue and saturation of my skin tones but did not do much with the whites of my eye. I have not been getting much sleep lately.

Well, your face is the scariest part! ... forgive me. I work with adolescents. It rubs off.

Seriously cool though. I wouldn't mind seeing the originals and a couple of process pics.

Yeah, I can do that. Sen me a message with your personal email and I will send you some process pics.

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