Levitation Challenge: Flying



Is that photo shopped? That is soooo crazy!! And what beach is that??

No it's not photoshopped, but thanks :D My buddy took it at the perfect time at the peak of my butterfly kick. It's at cannon beach in oregon!

seriously? how did you get so high up?

haha yes, seriously. It's a butterfly kick - like a cartwheel sideways in the air. That was at the highest point of the kick, and the angle he took it at definitely helps w/ the perception of height. If you want to see cool wushu/acrobatic moves in action, check out this trailer i made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Gu71G4f5w&feature=player_embedded

wow, amazing. like the xx.

Yeah... you're pretty high up there! Impressive!


wow that's an awesome picture!

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