News: San Francisco Sunset from Treasure Island

San Francisco Sunset from Treasure Island

San Francisco Sunset from Treasure Island

This is the last one I'll post up for this contest.  I've already eliminated myself by posting up twice...and now thrice...  I'm sorry I can't resist.  I'm seeing such amazing pictures and they are reminding me of other pictures I've taken...  so thanks everyone. 

About the picture:  This is across the bay from San Francisco on Treasure island which is the island in the middle of the bay bridge.  You can see all of downtown San Francisco as well half of the bay bridge to the right and golden gate bridge to the left and just a little further left you can see alcatraz island and (former) federal penitentiary. 

This is small version of an Hdr stiched panorama consisting of 8 vertical hdr images each composed of 4 different images at different exposure settings.  Everything was done handheld so there are some flaws to this one.  I tried to get something between a realistic and a painterly look for this one as far as the hdr and post hdr processing is concerned. 

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