SUBMIT: Photo Self-Portrait by September 5th. WIN: Bottle Cap Tripod Mount [Closed]

Photo Self-Portrait by September 5th. WIN: Bottle Cap Tripod Mount [Closed]

Giveaway Tuesdays has officially ended! But don't sweat it, WonderHowTo has another World that's taken its place. Every Tuesday, Phone Snap! invites you to show off your cell phone photography skills.

Submit your best shot to our weekly competition for a chance to win an awesome prize. Phoneographers only—both Android and iPhone welcome! Check it out now.

This week's Giveaway Tuesday is easy—all you need is a camera (iPhone, Android, or any non-cell phone camera of your choosing) and the subject matter… you! We will be selecting two winners this week, and we'll be featuring tips and inspiration throughout the week on the art of self-portraiture. On to the details...

Self-Portrait, Andy Warhol.


This tiny & light bottle cap tripod travels easily—carry it in your pocket or purse, and whip it out when the moment inspires. The rubber socket should mount any standard water or soda bottle, and the tripod screw will fit just about any standard digital camera with a tripod socket (sorry, no cell phones). Just make sure your bottle is at least halfway full, and pivot up to 15° in any direction. Perfect for self portraits and group shots!

SUBMIT: Photo Self-Portrait by September 5th. WIN: Bottle Cap Tripod Mount [Closed]


  1. Follow WonderHowTo on Twitter -OR- Like us on Facebook.
  2. Use your cell phone camera, digital camera or a film camera to capture an interesting self-portrait.
  3. Post your best shot to the Giveaway Tuesdays Corkboard. (That's ONE shot per person, please.)
  4. We will select and announce TWO winners at 8am PST on Tuesday, September 6th.

All entries must be in by Monday, September 5th, 11:59pm PST. Standard rules apply. Post any questions below.


  • Remember—there are all sorts of ways to think outside the box. Capture yourself close up, or from afar as an abstract figure in the dusk. Focus on a specific body part, like your hands or your eyes. Snap yourself running at the camera... or away from the camera. To get you started, check out these inspiring self-portraiture round-ups from Digital Photography School and My Modern Met.

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" Focus on a specific body part " HOW INAPPROPRIATE can it be ? sounds kinda fun !

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