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Boo Box Challenge: Starvation Is an Ugly Sight

Continuing with my "Animals in Iraq" series, we have a poor little puppy who's succumbed to heat and starvation, but not in your ordinary way. Food is hard to come by for the stray dog population, but there's tons of trash around for them to dig through. This poor pup tried to lick the bottom of a can of corn (maybe it was peas or lentils) and got its head stuck. The area was abandoned, so no one was around to help. It pained me to snap this photo, but I thought it was the perfect example of ...

Camera Phone Photo Challenge: Firecracker Buried Underground

While running through a bag miscellaneous leftovers from the 4th of July, I came up upon a stash of firecrackers that had eluded me every previous time I had gone through the bag. I started setting them off and grew tired of them quite quickly, so I thought of creative ways of setting them off. I decided to bury one underground with only the fuse exposed and set it off. It blew all the dirt on top away, but for some strange reason, all the smoke stayed. I quickly pulled out my camera and took...

Pet Portrait Challenge: Link Hat

My dog Elvis hates having his picture taken so I don't have any artistic pictures of him. Here's a funny one though. I had just finished making a full scale wearable Link (from Zelda) hat for a present for a cousin. I think Elvis looks good in it.

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