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News: Vibrant Color Photography Challenge: Yellow

Oooh. Since I already eliminated myself, I can just fill up the corkboard. Ok. I really won't do that. But I had to share this one. I think this is my favorite abstract light painting. This was taken in Las Vegas. I think this was using lights from one of the hotels in the Mandalay bay complex. 15 second exposure I think.

Jan Kounen: Undisputed Master of Psycho Stop Motion Animation

As inspiration for the Levitation Challenge, a demonstration of pure stop motion genius: Jan Kounen's Gisele Kerozene, the tale of four extremely odd witches "flying" on motorized brooms. If Tokyo's Levitating Girl has to jump 200 times to get the perfect shot, imagine how many times these four guys had to jump to get a full 4 minutes and 30 seconds of stop motion magic.

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