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Horror Photography Challenge: Ghost Caught on Camera, Prospect Place 10/28/11

You be the judge, win or not, let me know. This is the actual photo no editing (except the small caption to show you were to look) This is the 3rd Floor (typo on photo) "Ballroom" of Prospect Place in Dresden Ohio. Out of screen to the right is a cross that was painted to cover up a pentagram. Everyone in the room was standing behind me so there is no possible way to reflect this. No ledge outside of window so that is not possible. To me it looks like a figure with a white collar standing nex...

News: Goodbye Giveaway Tuesdays!

First, we'd like to congratulate Marek Antozi, the winner of our very last Giveaway Tuesdays! Photo Challenge. Thankful for Dialogue is a concept most family members can relate to—the occasional stressful Thanksgiving bickering and inevitable resolution is not uncommon, after all. ;)

News: Thankful for the Beauty in a Summer Margarita

I'm most thankful for the simplest things in life...and how they can be so beautiful. Take this margarita I was sipping on a patio with my friends. Just a few friends, chatting...watching the people pass by on a busy street...the summer air so calm and relaxing....and the sip I'm about to take from this beautifully salted margarita. A relaxing moment in time. So simple, yet so precious to me.

News: Thankful for My Miracle Grandbabies!

I am thankful for my grandsons, born on Thanksgiving Day 2009! Elliot and Luke were born at 24 weeks into their momma's pregnancy! They both weighed 1lb 9oz and were 11.5 inches long! They stayed in the NNICU for 101 days! They fought through many complications and grew into strong, healthy, bundles of energy! They turned two just the other day and are truly a blessing and joy!

Pet Portrait Challenge: Crazy Horse

I think this would count as a pet, right? Well, everybody was doing either cats or dogs (with the occasional goat), so I decided to take a picture of something different. This is Pandora, my horse. When you're giving her a bath, she hates when you get her head wet. You can see the water in the lower left corner. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be intimidating or what, but to me it's hilarious! The picture was hard to take, though, because I had to hold the camera and spray water at her.

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