Smartphone Challenge: Edgar Choueiri's 3-Dimensional Sound Lab

Being WonderHowTo staff, I'm not qualified to win this week's Smartphone photography challenge, but I thought I'd share anyway. The (unfortunately) blurry image shown above is a shot of Professor Edgar Choueiri's sound lab at Princeton University. Edgar is a friend, and was kind enough to give me a tour of the space where he's developed 3-dimensional sound.

Cloud Photography Challenge: Magic All Around

Taken with a compact with a tiny sensor. All that is the photo was present at that magic instant. Nothing was added at a later stage. Every year there is a cloud magic day in Costa Caparica. If Asterix and fellow village inhabitants had seen what Lisbon local saw above them that day, they wouldn't fear a falling sky but instead would contemplate in awe, totally amazing. Post processed in photoshop for tonal effect and increased sharpness.

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