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Horror Photography Challenge: Ghost Caught on Camera, Prospect Place 10/28/11

You be the judge, win or not, let me know. This is the actual photo no editing (except the small caption to show you were to look) This is the 3rd Floor (typo on photo) "Ballroom" of Prospect Place in Dresden Ohio. Out of screen to the right is a cross that was painted to cover up a pentagram. Everyone in the room was standing behind me so there is no possible way to reflect this. No ledge outside of window so that is not possible. To me it looks like a figure with a white collar standing nex...

Insect Photography Challenge: Luna Moth

I have a few pictures, but the first is my entry. I thought the sweat fly was pretty cool. I don't understand why they named it such an ugly name for such a beautiful bug (not that the Luna Moth isn't). The pictures are more zoomed out progressively so I can see how close I can get to the moth before it flies off. Actually, it didn't fly off. I got to put my hand next to it- it had a 6 inch wingspan!

Birds Eye View Challenge: Happy Dog

Took this picture with a Canon Rebel XS from the top of a 30 foot tree- not sure why but it looks like I'm 10 feet up... The scary part is that the wind MPH was 50+, and this wasn't a strong tree. Every few seconds I would be half crushed by this "puny" tree (it was still bigger than me!). She (the dog) kept on trying to hop up in the tree!