Insect Photography Challenge: Video of Crawling Caterpillar

Video of Crawling Caterpillar

Here's a quick video of a cool looking caterpillar walking.  I didn't have any macro lenses with me at the this is at about 300 mm (35mm equivalent) from about 12 to 18 inches away.

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What kind of camera? The footage looks pretty great. Awesome caterpillar!

This was shot on a Panasonic GH2. It's a small, mirrorless, dlsr-like camera. Sometimes people call this type of camera an EVIL for Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeble Lens. Works awesome for still photography and even better for video.

ah... sounds familiar. lumix? my mom is a photographer, and i think she's a fan.

Yep. I got into it because of my brother who is a budding cinematographer who wanted it for videography. I bought one because it would be cool...and I could borrow all of his lenses! Another thing that is cool about it is that because of the way the camera is designed it will accept just about any lens ever made if you have the proper adapter. So we can use our dad's old 16mm video lenses for example. That's pretty cool. Of course then you are full manual...

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